File this one under, “Duh!”

Headline: New NFL locker room poster warns of head injuries

Ah you provide hours and hours of family fun.  I giggled when I saw this headline yesterday.  You don’t pay these guys millions and millions of dollars not to mess themselves up.  You pay them so they do just that.  What’s even funnier is that the New York Times threw up a shot of the poster (below).  I’m not sure there’s a guy in the NFL who could actually read this thing.  May I suggest a poster with illustrations instead?

2 thoughts on “File this one under, “Duh!””

  1. I imagine that even in nuclear power plants, full of presumably smart dudes and chicks, the Danger Will Robinson! posters are striking in their simplicity. No one’s gonna read this.

  2. Randal – You know it. I’m thinking they’d have more luck using hand puppets! This is the NFL after all…know your audience.

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