Dear Meg Whitman –

I don’t get why you are spending so much of your personal fortune to attain the governorship of California.  Seriously, what is the draw?  California’s finances are in chaos, the democrat controlled State Legislature is going to hate you on sight and let’s face it you’re not pretty enough for television.

You’ve been a successful business woman.  Maybe it’s time to retire and find a hobby.  Heck, buy an island.  Just get out of politics before it’s too late because you’re basically going to be as exciting (and effective) as Grey Davis, and that ain’t a good thing.

7 thoughts on “Dear Meg Whitman –”

  1. Dear Frogette
    Even though I’m spending much, much more than I can possibly earn as Governor, the legislation I shall enact for the benefit of my friends will make me even wealthier after I leave office.
    Love Meg

  2. I see two possibilities, Frogette.

    1. The opportunities for graft in California are endless.

    2. After trashing a major corporation, like HP, it’s hard to find something bigger to trash.

    Go Governor Moonbeam!!

  3. Holte Ender – The State is essentially bankrupt, she can’t change federal tax laws and let’s face it her money’s already offshore (if she’s smart). I still don’t get it. It’s like wanting to be the President of the United States. I wouldn’t take either job.

    TomCat – You are certainly right about #1. On #2, that was Carly Fiorina. Whitman helmed eBay. Still I’m rooting for the crazy guy (Gov. Moonbeam – go Jer!)

  4. I don’t know, being pretzeldent could be cool. Sure, you might not be rich in the traditional sense, but man, all the cool toys you could use to blow stuff up!

  5. Randal – True dat, but I could get the same gig being an “evil genius”. I think I’m going the Comic Con route myself.

  6. TomCat – Happens to the best of us. All ex-corporate goddesses do seem interchangeable don’t they? Must be the helmet hair. :-)

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