Perp walk

You know that hundreds of paparazzi are camped out in the bushes tonight near the Lynwood Correctional Facility.  You see Lindsay Lohan, former child star and all around great girl, is set to be sprung from prison tonight.  Yes, like Angelina Jolie’s dramatic 2 a.m. helicopter airlift from a French hospital with her twins, Linday’s release is being choreographed like a military campaign.  Stylists and make up artists are on high alert.  Extensions have been ordered and 6126 leggings have been delivered to the prison facility so that Lindsay can re-enter society looking like a true star and not the haggard, lost little girl that we’ve all come to expect on the cover of Star and The Enquirer.  I’m astonished by all the effort since her next stop is rehab, but then I’ve never had to resurrect my dead career at the tender age of 24.  Ah well, this is America.  By 30 she could have her big comeback.  I mean Britney Spears shaved her head and she hasn’t disappeared from the public eye yet.  Not that I wouldn’t pay to see that happen too!

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