Painting a target on Target

Recently Minnesota based Target corporation made a $150,000 donation to the gubenatorial campaign of Republican Tom Emmer.  Emmer is an outspoken opponent of gay rights, one of Target’s chosen demographics.  You have to ask yourself what bozo CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, was thinking when he did this.  Did he honestly believe the contribution was so small as to go unnoticed?  Well it didn’t and gay rights activists jumped on it essentially painting a target on Target.  Yup, a boycott.  I have to admit I’m kind of gratified to see that the first corporate act under our Supreme Court approved “corporations are people” judgement had them stepping into a pile of shit.  I’m even more tickled to watch the Target CEO apologize publicly, not for the donation mind you, but for disappointing Targets employees and their customers.

Ironic aside:  Target corporation was founded by the family of Mark Dayton one of the democratic candidates in the gubenatorial race.  Doesn’t look like he got a contribution.

3 thoughts on “Painting a target on Target”

  1. Target’s CEO has apologized for the donation, claiming it was directed to Emmer’s jobs policies. I don’t think that goes far enough. If they are truly contrite, why haven’t they made an equal or larger donation to Emmer’s opponent?

  2. TomCat – Yeah I read that in today’s paper. I’m not buying it, he’s back peddling and not very well either. I like your suggestion!

  3. I was just conversing to my big sister about this the other day. I also noticed a post on that over at the rota website. Isnt it strange how these things show up in bunches. to be sincere, it is sort of daunting.

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