Where’s the beef?

It’s been recalled.  Again.  Yup, 1 million pounds of prime grade A hamburger is going back to Valley Meat Co. of Modesto.  You see it may have given people E. coli, again.  Now I’ve watched Fast Food Nation and Food, Inc. and I find myself wondering if this means the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture is finally doing their job or not doing their job.  How does this stuff get out into the public in such phenomenal amounts?  1 million pounds of beef, that’s crazy.  We’re talking about recalls of meat in Arizona, Texas, Oregon, California and internationally.  It’s insane.  Valley Meats Co. said that customers:

…should discard possibly affected meat or return it to stores for a refund.

Um in this economy guys, I think they’re coming for that refund.  No burgers on the grill this Summer I guess.  And now I’m craving one.  Damn it!

3 thoughts on “Where’s the beef?”

  1. Frogette – You don’t really have to forgo burgers…just be real picky about where you get your burger or better yet grind your own in a food processor. If grinding your own doesn’t suit go to a butcher or store that grinds its beef in store like a Publix or a Whole Foods. Stay away from Kroger, Food Lion or Wal-Mart.

    Randal, the tragedy of all those steers dying for nothing is awful not to mention the impact of raising all those beefs in a CAFO had on the environment.

  2. Randal & Fallenmonk – Actually I have to admit in true American fashion I forgot all about this and had a 5 Guys burger yesterday. It was delicious, and so far no ill effects. Knock wood.

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