Want fries with that?

Foodie mecca San Francisco has come out and voted online for the best french fries and the winner isn’t some duck fat French Laundry fry.  No, it’s McDonald’s.  The golden arches prevailed with 300 votes.  The Frog and I ate a bunch of Mickey D’s fries while we were on the road because in addition to having delicious, long, hot, crispy fries they also has free wi-fi.  I have to admit they make a damned good french fry.  I was watching The Botany of Desire on PBS this week.  Hey!  It’s educational.  In it Michael Pollan specifically calls McDonald’s out for bio-engineering the perfect Russet potato.  They designed that shiny red box to display your fries like a bouquet of flowers.  Tempting your senses of sight, smell and taste.  I think it’s working.  Who wants fries?

3 thoughts on “Want fries with that?”

  1. Only if they’re hot, otherwise not. Then if I have to eat fast food, Wendy’s, and always Wendy’s over Mc for the burgers.

  2. The people that voted them the best have never actually eaten a proper ‘pommes frite’. Once you have had a fry from one of the little stands in Belgium that makes nothing but fries from scratch, all the rest, including Mickey D’s, are just a pale imitation.
    The thick hot, crusty fries you get in a good British pub also outshine McDonald’s or any other frozen fry.
    Then again, I am a french fry snob and while I will eat a fry from McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Steak and Shake, it is just because they are there and hot.

  3. Dave – We usually avoid it as well, but have learned we’re whores for free wi-fi. Glad that Starbucks has reactivated theirs, now we can get coffees in lieu of fries.

    Fallenmonk – Actually the people that voted have access to Fritz which is a really good fry place. I was shocked they picked McDonald’s. It’s a foodie town, you’d think they’d snob out on this question. p.s. Now I want to fly to Europe!

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