Welcome to the land of the free,

home of the brave and also the insanely stupid.  I caught wind of this headline today:

Why do 1 in 5 Americans believe President Obama is Muslim?

I’m sorry, what?!  And this actually comes from a distinguished source, the Pew Research Center took a poll indicating that 18% of Americans think Obama is Muslim.  Bizarre.  I mean I just don’t understand how these people completely missed the memo about his being a Christian.  Sure he’s not overtly practicing the way Bill Clinton was, but still.  Did they even follow the last election?  I’m absolutely flabbergasted.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the land of the free,”

  1. That’s because the 18% know the whole Rev. Wright thing was a cover to hide the fact that he actually worships Allah. ;)

  2. We are free alright. We are free to be ignorant, prejudiced, and gullible. We are free to swallow the propaganda hook, line and sinker. We are free alright.

  3. Robert – I thought it was a cover for his being an atheist. :-)

    Liberality – So right. Free to not think at all. I just wish people would use their brains.

  4. That statistic says volumes about Islamophobia, ignorance, and the power of right-wing propaganda in this country. It’s so sad.

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