Things that make you go, “Ewwww!”

First they were in hotels, then in retail stores, finally movie theaters.  Now, bed bugs may in your office too. Yup, the little hitchikers have made it into the working world.  They’re taking over the cubicles, break rooms and even the file drawers.  They’ll move in anywhere they can find space.  It’s just disgusting, they seem to be the lice of the modern age.  Hardy, fast traveling and virtually impossible to eradicate.  I don’t know about you, but this news just makes me feel itchy all over.  Gotta go scratch!

5 thoughts on “Things that make you go, “Ewwww!””

  1. There’s a Terminix ad on your sidebar, “Power Over Pests,” it says.

    Plague of bedbugs… I’d ask “what next?” but don’t want to know.

  2. I visited New York this summer. Would you believe it? There were bedbugs in my expensive Manhatten hotel room. I ended up carrying them home with me. Oh what a mess to tidy up.

  3. You know Ralph the Frog and I were on the road for 7 months and never once encountered a bed bug. I was terrified what happened to you would happen to us in at least 1 hotel room. I’m wondering how we’re going to stop this epidemic from spreading.

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