OMG, who thought this was a good idea?!

I read online this morning that Chile has brought in the survivors of the Andean plane crash to give their trapped miners hope.  Sound odd?  Well it is.  You see these are the Uruguayan rugby team players featured in the book and film, Alive.  You know, the guys who ate human flesh.  Ewwww.  Now I’m not saying they killed anyone because they didn’t, they merely survived by eating already dead friends, but oh man.  Is this really the message you want to send to a bunch of men trapped in a small space for potentially months on end?  I’d be completely freaked out if this was the image I was sent from the surface.

One thought on “OMG, who thought this was a good idea?!”

  1. The point of this whole exercise being: impart courage, fortitude and heroism. To infer that cannabilism has any connection to the current event is sensationalism, and at worst, derogatory and slanderous.

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