Leave it to California to prove you still can’t buy an election

Jerry Brown (aka Governor Moonbeam) has beat out mega-spender and ex eBay head Meg Whitman for the California Governorship. It’s been cast as the costliest governors race in U.S. history, mostly because Ms. Whitman shelled out and astounding $142 million dollars of her own money on her campaign. And lost.  So, I’m asking myself what did Jerry Brown have to do to defeat such a financial juggernaut?  Well, this being California he basically just had to show up.  Good to know there remains one state in the nation where you can’t buy your way in to political power, you still have to be born to it.

4 thoughts on “Leave it to California to prove you still can’t buy an election”

  1. I dunno… It’s scary to think she was doing a lot better than Brown in the polls up until “Maidgate” exploded in her face.

    Had she been better able to spin it (e.g. not campaigned so hard against illegal immigration when she knew she hired an illegal immigrant) she might’ve still squeaked out a win…

  2. Robert – “Maidgate”, LoL! You’d think she would have seen A Day Without a Mexican. I mean seriously, who in California has a legal maid?

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