Perry scary

Rick Perry (a.k.a. Mr. Pointy), the newly re-elected governor of the great state of Texas has floated the idea that states should be able to “opt out” of Social Security.  Yeah, this is the same tool who turned down government funds for unemployment benefits.  I don’t know how economics work in the lone star state Mr. Perry, but I have to say if this means a bunch of seniors in Texas going without their monthly checks, you’d better watch your back.  They’re going to form mobs, hunt you down, and burn all that hair off your smug little head.

2 thoughts on “Perry scary”

  1. Dave – Well you know he plans to ride that W impersonation right into the White House. I’m on my knees praying that will never work! We just refer to him as Rick the Dick here at Casa las Ranas.

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