No justice

The Frog sent me this article yesterday about a wealthy Coloradan hedge fund manager who hit a bicyclist and is not going to trial because the DA in Eagle, CO feels it would be, “bad for the fund manager’s business”. In essence what he is saying is that this guy is too rich to prosecute or as one clever commenter put it, “too big to jail”.  I’m astonished.  I mean if the DA was not going to prosecute the case why wouldn’t he plead lack of evidence?  That at least would make sense.  What this guy did was hit and run.  Flat out illegal.  Don’t think the prosecutor gets a dodge just because he feels it would reflect badly on this jerk’s reputation! Personally, the DA’s unwillingness to prosecute and lame excuses lead me to believe that he’s invested in this guy’s fund.  I mean let’s face it, if a janitor had done this they’d have him in cuffs already.

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