Finally off the poop deck

That’s Carnival’s motto. Today, 3+ days after being stranded at sea without power, the captives, ahem, passengers of the Carnival Splendour are finally free. They were let off in the port of San Diego this morning and expressed great relief at the chance to get a hot meal and use a bathroom. Yes, the toilets on the Splendour went down when the generator did and stayed down for 3 solid days. I don’t know what pictures are in your mind right now, but the one in mine is just plain gross. I’m fascinated to see if this will resemble the great Jet Blue meltdown of 2007 or if Carnival can spin this hay into gold. They’ve already promised the disappointed cruisers a refund and another free cruise. Not that I’d want to get on one of their boats, but you never know…might be fun.  :-)

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