Netflix offers really innovative solutions…not

So the Frog and I received a disk from Netflix the other day.  When we opened it we found that the U.S. Postal service had kindly cracked the disk.  We did what anyone would, went online and reported the problem.  We were expecting an e-mail telling us they’d send another disk and not to worry.  Instead, here’s how it went:

Please describe the damage…

DVD is visibly cracked or broken


Wiping the disc with a clean damp cloth may help. You may also want to try playing in another DVD player.

Seriously?  Now I’m no scientific genius, but unless water has developed some magical properties that I didn’t know about, it’s not going to create a covalent bond and repair our broken disk.  Neither is using another DVD player.  I mean they have lasers, but they don’t actually fuse stuff, right?

2 thoughts on “Netflix offers really innovative solutions…not”

  1. Blueberry – Actually they did send another disk right away. Which I’m happy about. Still we thought their robo-advice was kind of hilarious.

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