National meet the trouser snake day

Several civil rights organizations are putting together an “Opt Out” protest for the day before Thanksgiving this year.  They are encouraging everyone to opt out of the backscatter imaging and take the pat down instead.  This is going to create CHAOS!  Can you just imagine what the lines will be like at the airports?  They’ll go on for miles.  The Frog and I found the perfect solution.  All the men going in for this search should wear kilts.  Yup kilts.  If they go commando, they can just lift it up and flash TSA the goods.

4 thoughts on “National meet the trouser snake day”

  1. Matt – One can only hope. The head of TSA has basically dared Americans not to do this. You know what that means, they definitely will. Interesting to see what Weds. is really like.

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