Fall into the Gap, get carded

So the Frog and I went to Gap today to purchase some stuff.  It was a mission given that the mall was literally filled with shoppers.  We got in, found what we needed and jumped in the check out line.  I handed the sales guy my handy dandy credit card and thought we’d be out in a flash.  Then the trouble began.  “I need your drivers license.”  Um, what?  I’ve had that card, your card, for a decade and you’ve never once asked me for i.d.  I simply said, nope thinking that would be the end of it.  He’d finish my sale and we’d be off.  But, no…he can’t finish the transaction.  So I politely ask him to call the manager over.  I explain to her that I don’t give out my license because of identity theft, and she tartly informs me that “it’s their policy” and they won’t finish the sale.  Needless to say at that point we just threw up our hands and walked out.  I can’t believe that a store like the Gap has the guts to get into a pissing match with me over my i.d.  I mean they seriously e-mail me daily with discounts and pleas to spend money.  So I’m thinking they could use my business.  Guess not.  I know where we won’t be holiday shopping this year.

2 thoughts on “Fall into the Gap, get carded”

  1. Good for you, that’s a stupid policy. If you can buy from them online (can you?) without the ID then how is it fair? A few years back I was buying something at Target and used a credit card *with my photo on it* and they still asked for a picture ID. When I pointed out that my credit card has my picture on it, the clerk just said it was the policy and wouldn’t budge.

  2. Blueberry – I can buy from them online without i.d. and will do that in the future if I ever decide to shop there again. Turns out we found out from another Gap store that the “policy” is enforced at the sole discretion of the guy behind the cash register. Which means there really is no policy. I don’t believe that i.d. is used to identify me, it’s used to get my zip code into their computers for tracking purposes, and that’s just plain wrong.

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