The new Four Loko

alcoholic whipped cream.  Yup Whipped Lightning is an alcohol infused spray whip cream that you can use on shots, in cocktails and even on dessert!  It has 18% alcohol by volume, about the equivalent of 3 beers.  Crazy?  Sure, but this is American damn it. So run, don’t walk, to your nearest liquor store and buy yours today!

4 thoughts on “The new Four Loko”

  1. Hola Frogette! Long time no, eh? :)

    18% is less than 2.5 of the Ales I prefer. Though that stuff might enhance some good coffee, even though I usually do it black. W/ Tequila when a kick is required.

    I’m really glad you Frogs are still hopping in the blogosphere! I’m back to the party now. FB is just not the venue for so much of my own sillinesseses. ;-)

  2. Bains – Nice to see you out in the blogsphere again!

    Gray – Do you think they’ll set up roadblocks around colleges to catch the whipped creamers?

    Matt – :-)))

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