Dear Senator Clinton

For all the injustices you’ve suffered at the hands of rabid, sub-human conservatives…I wish it were otherwise.

For the admirable way you’ve moved forward following the dark days of an unjust impeachment…I wish it were otherwise.

In recognition of your service to the people of New York and the considerable skill you’ve brought to the job…I wish it were otherwise.

For the fact that, at this time in history—even more than I desire to see a black or Hispanic president—I ache to see a woman finally achieve the White House…I wish it where otherwise.

But it is not otherwise. The Clinton era ended at the moment the US Supreme Court illegally stopped the 2000 Florida recount, and the days of your husband’s presidency will not return. Your presidency would be as divisive as his because the Republicans will not stop until you and your administration are destroyed.

I sincerely wish it where otherwise, but you are the wrong woman at the right time.

This is not to say that this should be the end. Stay in the Senate where your skills and charm can do more good than you would be able to do in the White House. I want to see you as the Majority Leader. I want you to be the bulwark that stands between us and the next “George W Bush”. Or…be a justice on the Supreme Court—be the Chief Justice! I want you as a protector of the Constitution.

In conclusion, the presidency may not be your crowning achievement, but the woman that follows you will acknowledge that it was your campaign that made her presidency possible. I wish it were otherwise…I really, really do, but there are so many ‘firsts’ yet to achieve.

15 thoughts on “Dear Senator Clinton”

  1. Lizzy, PT… Thanks. Trying to find the right words for the Clinton post was harder than for the Obama post. There’s much more sadness in the situation.

  2. The reality of women in leadership is as problematic as the history of male leadership. It’s probably too soon, as women haven’t had their payback yet, but I look forward to a post gender/race approach to governance. Call me a dreamer… Well it’s better than a lot of things I’m called.

  3. Lew… Can’t tell if you’re kidding or not. Setting aside the ‘breathless’ expose that was the ‘vast right-wing’ conspiracy, I do believe that a second Clinton administration will bring out the worst in the Republicans, probably another impeachment attempt and for no better reason than the first.

    Cartledge… I think it seems obvious that the US would lag most of the other western democracies. Look at how long it took us to deliver suffrage to women. Not sure about Australia, but wasn’t New Zealand about 40 years ahead of the US?

  4. Kvatch, NZ was 1893 and Australia, some Pacific states and a few US states followed soon after.
    NZ also boasted having the top five constitutional positions filled by women a few years back, though the top one was an English queen.
    Wyoming and Utah gave it a shot, but as they were both territories at the time the Feds overturned their emancipation laws.

  5. i left my crystal ball at home when i drove to work today…i do not know what our future holds…if it is a woman or a black or yet another white male who lands their ass in the white house really doesn’t matter as the people behind this country aren’t politicians – but business men – just my two cents

    nice post!

  6. Kvatch, in all the contraindications I have seen between the Clinton and Obama camps, this is absolutely the classiest statement of non support I have seen. Kudos!

  7. Cartledge… Not *so* soon–over 20 years in our case, if memory serves. “The Queen and four more”…outstanding!

    AZGoddess… No truer words!

    TomCat… Thank you sir. I tried did try to be gracious because…it really is a shame.

  8. I agree that the opposition would begin attempting to tear her down as soon as she set foot in the White House and her administration would become more about fending off her attackers rather than anything constructive. It is a real shame but hopefully she will become a trailblazer for future female candidates.

  9. Lucy… I’m hopeful. It’s looking pretty grim for Clinton now. Gettin’ worse every day.

    Frogette… Actually, if it were a contest between Clinton and Obama, rather than McCain vs. whomever, I probably would vote for the Senator from NY. Unfortunately…

    SA… Indeed! Senator Clinton could really do a job on the next GOP megalomaniac that gets into office.

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