Homeless Congress coming soon

Too cheap to spring for a single family home or a condo in the D.C. area, the new Republicans in the House of Representatives plan to sleep in their offices.  Yup 15% have so far said that a sofa couch in their office suite will be their new home sweet home.  Creepy, to be sure.  The major driving factor in where their staff will reside is proximity to the Congressional gym, and showers.  Can you just imagine these guys trudging down the halls of government in their bathrobes, dopp kit in hand like first year college freshman?  It’s surreal, but it’s happening.  I think incoming Republican Todd Rokita (Indiana) put it best when he said, “I’m not doing this as a political stunt.  I’m doing it because I’m a cheap bastard.”  No truer words were ever spoken in our Nations Capitol.  Considering your take home pay is $174,000 a year sir, you certainly are.

3 thoughts on “Homeless Congress coming soon”

  1. Randal & Kvatch – Why is it called squatting when mere mortals do it, but when it’s Congress it’s considered a “cost cutting” measure?

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