Casting call

So I’m reading the news today and I’m fascinated by the emerging story of Julian Assange being offered bail by Michael Moore. A more unlikely pair of allies I can’t imagine. And Moore isn’t alone. Turns out there is a cadre of Brits ponying up to help foot the bill. Big names like socialite Jemima Khan.  You know, Hugh Grant’s ex.  So basically in the space of about a week Julian Assange has gone from being the most wanted man in the world to a cause celebre.  Kind of like Haiti.

I’m thinking that a major motion picture can’t be far behind, so I started casting it in my head.  The part of Julian Assange will be played by Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood.  Michael Moore will be played by Kevin Smith of course.  And Jemima Khan?  Well Julia Roberts resurrect her Charlie Wilson’s War look, and do it in her sleep.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Casting call”

  1. ERITAS – Interesting thought about Garner, but just can’t see her as a blonde. Love Jorge Garcia as Moore, but Julian Sands…is he even still acting? Last thing I saw him in was some horrible wizard movie from the 80’s.

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