Dear Middle Class ~

This morning the Obama Administration is celebrating.  They’ve passed and extension of the Bush tax cuts.  So this holiday season you, the middle class,  will be able to ‘keep more of the money in your paychecks, and help the economic recovery to continue chugging along’.  Yes, once again middle class it falls to you to spend your hard earned dollars to keep corporate American in the black.  Can you do that?  Because God knows the wealthy don’t spend any of their tax break money.  They save it.  So really it’s up to you to rescue the sinking ship that is the American economy.  Better get back to work.

2 thoughts on “Dear Middle Class ~”

  1. We need a new Class between Working and Middle, because everyone thinks they’re Middle even when they’re below it.

    I know there’s Lower-Middle, but no one wants to be Lower anything. Maybe we can rename it; ‘special’? ‘Gifted’?

  2. ERITAS – You know it’s funny when you think about it everyone rich, poor or middle of the road thinks of themselves as middle class. If no one wants to be the middle child, why do we all want to be the middle income bracket? I guess it’s just impossible to shake that 1950’s nirvana that exists in everyone’s mind of what being middle class means. Maybe we could call your new class the American Dreamers or Utopian Class.

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