Do conservatives ever shut up?

Coming to a media outlet near you – maybe

We know the victor writes the history, downunder we are finding out why now the conservative commentators have lost their vicarious authority. Still, Rupert Murdoch is not about to let go, his local media outlets are now appending lofty titles to bylines.

Favorites are ‘Editor at Large’ and ‘Conservative Think Tank Director’. Ooooeh I’m shaking! For a start the first bloke is editor of nothing. He submits his copy and some lowly production editor takes over. From evidence that implies trimming to fit the column, often slicing through a sentence regardless of the dangling comment.

From the cross talk we are now aware that the Editor at Large often meets with the Think Tank director over long, maudlin, boozy lunches. More like a Piss tank really. Resulting opinion columns end up a laundry list of coulda beens and shoulda beens. Onya Rupert!

Kings of Spin

The other factor in writing history is finding the skeletons. This week we heard the Howard governments spin unit left their office suite trashed; a result of playing indoor cricket throughout the election campaign.

I will avoid all the wonderfully apt cricket metaphors for this audience ignorant of the great sport. Suffice to say, a cricket ball designed to travel at over 100 mph down a 60 ft pitch is not really an indoor toy. The glorious part of this discovery is that they were using a campaign poster of former deputy PM Mark Vaile as the wickets (target).

If you Mericats want a share of this fun you need to elect a progressive. Seems Hillary, with Rupert’s support, might just be business as usual. Then you miss the second part of the fun, watching progressive commentators take over the job of spewing verbal diarrhea.

5 thoughts on “Do conservatives ever shut up?”

  1. I was going to say the crazy fools should have used Nerf balls, but they just don’t have the destructive power of a real one, and if conservatives are about anything, it’s wrecking stuff.

  2. Still, Rupert Murdoch is not about to let go, his local media outlets are now appending lofty titles to bylines.

    Well, how can that last…really? Murdoch must be about a hundred years old now. What’s his son like? Or will this be a sort of “Great Leader/Dear Leader” kind of thing”?

  3. Rupert will be around for a while yet, I’m afraid. His oldest son Lachlan walked away from the corp in 2005 and has been divesting his holdings. Younger son James is tipped to take over, but he is a bit of a loser so far.
    It is said here you are only as old as the woman you feel, and Wendi Deng isn’t much older than his kids. She also strikes me as the one smart enough to grab control after Rupe pops his clogs.
    Then we might all wish for Rupes resurrection…

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