Don’t ask, don’t tell repealed…but

Soldiers won’t be popping out of the proverbial closet any time soon.  You see, the Pentagon doesn’t want them shouting their now legally protected sexual orientation from the rooftops. According to Defense Secretary Gates they need time to create a deliberate process, and they must first conduct a study to determine that repealing the law won’t impair the ability of troops out there fighting.  While I don’t personally see how it could, I understand that at the end of the day the Pentagon is just playing for time.  Maybe they have a lawsuit up their sleeves or maybe the old generals just aren’t ready for the out and proud.  Or maybe, just maybe this is all simply political theater.  Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Don’t ask, don’t tell repealed…but”

  1. It was probably what they had to put in there to make sure the armed forces felt “comfortable” with the whole thing. I think it will all go smoother than they expect. We shall see.

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