My favorite headlines this week

Hey all.  I’m really sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks.  2011 is getting off to a rocky start in our household.  We’ve had some family stuff and are passing colds back and forth, so we’ve been down for the count the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully things are on the mend and I’ll be posting more in the future.  Until then, leaving you with my favorite headlines this week.

The 50 Most Loathesome Americans (this one is from Kvatch)

GOP Governor: Christians Are My Brothers And Sisters, Others Not

Pope Takes on Italy PM Over Sex Scandal

and one really awesome quote:

I’ve thought about it.  Like I’m doing my taxes now for last year, and I’m looking over my credit card bills for all the times I’ve taken women out to dinner.  If I divide that by the number of times I’ve had sex, I’m paying more for sex then Elliott Spitzer!”

~ Audience participant at The View commenting on whether or not women who don’t intend to date you should go dutch at dinner

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  1. Statistics show that some women only get 70% of a man’s wages. On Friday night. Then they get 70% of another man’s wages on Saturday night.

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