Shut up you corporate kiss-butt

I read the most ridiculous article in The Week recently. It was entitled, “Warding off a pink slip”. They had all sorts of tips from talking heads. One was to stay put in your current job and take on extra work. They believe this could pay off later in terms of salary and promotions. They have a quote from Gary Rich of Rich Leadership. He says, “Companies remember who helped them out through a tough time.” Yeah, right Gar. I’ve met this kind of jackhole in corporate life. They’re paid to bring people together and sing Kumbaya. And they’re about as useful as those idiots who conduct team building exercises.

I don’t know about you, but I lived through 9/11 and the 2000 dot com bust and I don’t recall anyone patting me on the head for my efforts. I think the idea that companies are greatful to their employees is just utter bullshit. I mean does anyone really believe this anymore? Employees are disposable cogs in a giant machine. They figure you’re replaceable. They’re not going to bend over backwards to reward your loyalty, they’re more likely to outsource your job to India and send you on your way.

11 thoughts on “Shut up you corporate kiss-butt”

  1. Hate to tell you this frogette, but the primary concern of most companies is profit/share price. Incidentals like employees and customers haven’t rated for years.
    But of course you know that. I was surprised at advice given to a US employee recently. Her medical plan didn’t cover her problem so she was told to get another job where the plan was better and covered existing ailments. I thought, ‘Christ! try getting another job first!’

  2. Yeah Cartledge you’re right. That’s because Wall Street is really running the joint. I wish that I had been one of those people who worked for the same company for 20 years, and retired with a gold watch in hand. Unfortunately that’s not the way of things these days. Sigh…

  3. I’m sure some people buy into this stuff, the same people that voted for Bush twice, think every person who isn’t lily-white is a potential mugger/rapist/terrorist and gleefully ignores every single thing Adam Smith wrote except the about The Magical Invisible Alchemical Hand of Trickling Profit®.

  4. Once upon a time, if you put in extra hours and took on extra work, you would be rewarded for it. If you do that now, the manager who gives you your pink slip feels extra bad when you get downsized or your job is sent to Asia, so there is still a reward, but it’s not the same reward.

  5. This is sort of in the same category as companies that are “struggling” while their top executives continue to take in 7-figure salaries. I used to work for a large insurance company, and there was a 3-year period where we were all bombarded every day with how dire everything was. “These next 3 years will make or break us. If our parent company isn’t satisfied with our performance, they’ll sell us and then God knows what will happen to us. We all need to pull together and work harder and tighten our belts.” Etc.

  6. That’s what they want you to believe because they want you working harder and longer and they will milk you for all they are worth and then when the chips are down, you are as likely to be handed your cards along with everyone else only you also have the realisation that you worked your arse off to make the top guy a few extra pounds to buy his yacht or jet while you joi9n the unemployment line.

  7. Randal – You’re so right. Loved the “The Magical Invisible Alchemical Hand of Trickling Profit®.” :-)

    DBK – I hope they feel bad, but I’m not sure I believe that anymore.

    Tom & Lucy – We’re like the French peasants laboring for the King and starving ourselves.

  8. ahhhh frogette…you have discovered that yes indeedy Loyalty was one of the first things outsourced….there is a big pile of it sitting in a warehouse in India….nice to read your posts…

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