2 thoughts on “And this is why”

  1. I think religion should be regarded as a particularly effective type of business. They sell a ‘product’ (salvation) that does not require to be manufactured, transported or warehoused. It requires neither maintenance nor support, as there is no warranty of any kind. No need – the only people who could potentially complain that you haven’t delivered on your promises are dead.

    It’s obviously pretty profitable too as evidenced by just how many companies (aka denominations, congregations and cults) compete for your business. No wonder that the scam attracts so many scoundrels.

    And they demand to be excluded from government regulation and taxes on top of that? Geez Louise!

  2. SbT – You’re right and until you reach the pearly gates and try to redeem it you have no idea if you’ve been duped or not. I like the way you think. Let’s finance the deficit on their backs.

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