Do nothing Congress does something for me

I read with glee yesterday that the House of Representatives failed to pass an extension of some key components of the Patriot Act.  Woo hoo!  Break out the champagne.  Turns out the Republicans underestimated the number of votes they had in the bag.  They brought the legislation to the floor needing a two-thirds majority, but with a couple of dozen Tea Party defections they failed to get it.  I have to say my jaw dropped on that one.  Tea Partiers voting against the Patriot Act?  Sounds ironic to  me.  That is until I learned that their long term plan is to make these provisions permanent.  Boo.  All I can say to them is think about this people.  You believe in liberty and your constitutional rights.  You came to Washington to protect them.  If you really want to put your money where your mouth is don’t vote for this when it comes to the floor again.  Law enforcement has plenty of tools in their box.  And any way, in my Country you don’t need to spy on your own citizens.

2 thoughts on “Do nothing Congress does something for me”

  1. Oh hell, I hadn’t heard about the permanent part. Tell me it isn’t true. I want a reason to not hate the Tea Party and thought I had one.

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