Wisconsin governor gets Punk’d!

I loved this one.  A blogger called up the Wisconsin governor pretending to be one of his billion dollar benefactors and actually got put through.  Not only that, he had a 20 minute conversation with Gov. Walker about the current battle over removing the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin’s public employees.  The gov says he’s not going to address the call as it was just a prank.  Me, I’m laughing out loud at how easily his true agenda was outed.  You’d think if the Koch Brothers gave him so much money he’d at least recognize their voices over the phone.  I wonder if they’ll get put through the next time they really do call him.  LoL!

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin governor gets Punk’d!”

  1. I can’t believe he thought that hack was a Koch brother. These guys must really be cartoon characters after all. And when are the right wingers going to get a safe word? This is the third or fourth time this kind of thing has happened.

  2. If that prank call was all Walker had to be embarrassed about, he’d have it made. The pathetic thing is, he’s not capable of being embarrassed about what a half-assed excuse for a leader he is. Perfect example of a twit getting a little power and having it go to his head, though.

  3. Station Agent – I love that he didn’t realize it! You’d think they’d have a bat phone or something.

    S.W. Anderson – I think you’re right, he’s totally incapable of embarrassment or self doubt. I pity the Sconnies!

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