The curse of bad hair

So the topic this morning at Casa de las Ranas is how Donald Trump will never be elected president because he has a bad comb-over.  In fact as we went back through our past president’s we found a real lack of “bad hair”.

Carter – Great hair.  Still has great hair in fact, senior statesman hair

Reagan – Epic hair black as pitch, shiny and thick

George Bush, Sr. – Worst of the batch, but not bald

Bill Clinton – Fabulous hair

George Bush, Jr.- The only thing plentiful in his head is hair.

So I’m asking myself, “Why isn’t Mitt Romney our president?”  I mean you want to talk presidential hair, that guy has got it in spades.  The Frog says the Republicans real mistake in the last election was putting forth a candidate with bad (read: No) hair.  I mean they had to put Sarah Palin up just to balance the complete lack of John McCain’s hair.  Trump if you really want to make a go of this presidential run it’s time to drop the birther bullshit and get a rug.