Bin Laden Redux

Osama Vision“The death of bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al-Qaeda.”

—  President of the United States, Barack Obama

“Indeed…because it’s unlikely that this nation will, every again, be able to borrow (waste, burn…) $400,000,000/day for every one of the approximately 3500 days since 9/11.”

—  Kvatch

8 thoughts on “Bin Laden Redux”

  1. Skeptics wonder: Where’s proof bin Laden’s useless? Was Uncle Ben the real owner of the rice company, was Betty Croker the real owner or just a face for any brand? I would rather see funding of the terrorists dead then see just one or two people out of a picture or some video tape, OBL was just a brick sitting on top of the foundation.

  2. Cindy McCain is holding him hostage after shaving off his / her beard. No, wait a minute, that’s John. Oh well, Faux Nooz will have some other sightings soon.

  3. Why is all the charade of burying the body within 24 hours? How many people killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by terrorism, drone episode, flood and earthquake got their funeral within 24 hours? Will the terrorists take a softer approach toward US becuase we “honored” their 24 hour limit? Boy, are we good- we met the 24 hours deadline!

  4. I don´t know. Initially I was happy when I heard the president say that Osama´s body was in USA possesion. But when they said it was dumpped from the ocean without releasing a single picture of the body, questions pop out. It all seems strange. I don´t buy it. I think USA can´t find him and decided too stage this prior to the pull out of american soldiers from afghanistan start.

  5. I think it was responsible in the US to bury the body according to his religion. It could only give a reason for more attacks and outrage in the US. Just because they have been so disrespectful doesn’t mean we should do the same. Someone has to act like more compared to common animals

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  7. Looks like Ragebot has got it’s own bot! Eight posts from our friend Hoover Vacuum, what an auspicious return.

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