‘2nd to Last Password’ You’ll Ever Need

LastPass, the online password vault that advertises themselves as, “The last password you’ll ever need,” is basically…well there’s really no way to sugarcoat this…A BAD IDEA!

It’s one thing to keep your passwords in some kind personal ‘vault’—your file cabinet, a safety deposit box, some obscure file on your own computer. But when you rely on an online service to to do that storage function for you, you’re trusting the service itself—that it’s secure, protected, confidential, and trustworthy. You’re trusting that service’s employees. You’re trusting every potential competitor for that service, that in a takeover situation, they’ll handle your most important data the same way the original service did. But most importantly, you’re trusting the entire Internet, since such a service is really just a BIG FAT TARGET!!!

Well, the last password you’ll ever need is now really the 2nd to last password you’ll every need. LastPass got hacked.

3 thoughts on “‘2nd to Last Password’ You’ll Ever Need”

  1. That sucks! It was hard enough memorizing ‘hunter2’ the first time. Back to Post Its under the keyboard I guess…

  2. There is apparently a lot to know about this. I suppose you made certain nice points in features also. Could you update me with your next post please?

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