The Job Nobody Wants

“Saif al-Adel, an Egyptian, was named al-Qaeda’s interim leader…”

—  Al Jazeera

“WHAT?! You told them?! Why not just paint a big fat target on my ass!”

—  Saif al-Adel

4 thoughts on “The Job Nobody Wants”

  1. Saif here is obviously Ayman al Zawahiri’s stalking horse. Whatsamatter Saifi boy, you mean you’re not willing to take one for the team?

  2. Kvatch, if Zawahiri is willing to wait until the spooks are through investigating, he can probably pick one up a preowned one in Abbottabad for rock-bottom price. Perfect hiding place and great cover for the Pakistanis. Who’d think of looking there?

    I wonder how you say “woohoo” in Arabic.

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