Texas Secession – An Opportunity Missed

Though the Texas Secession Movement never really seems to gain enough traction to get anything accomplished, I’m here to say…please, LET THESE MORONS GO!!!

I mean, really, these idiots are willing to risk having all passenger air traffic in and out of the Lone Star State stopped by the Feds. And when the Texas legislature quashed the infamous ‘pat-down’ bill, crowds of protestors came to the capital to shout “traitors” at their representatives.

So… Is there any way we could encourage Texas to secede? Imagine the benefits. The average IQ of Americans might ascend a whole point or two against other countries just by excising this pool of retards. The most polluted state in the nation could go and wallow in the cesspool that it’s become. Fresh potable water will no longer be a problem in the ‘Greater 49’ as we cut off, damn up…whatever…the Rio Grande, the Red River, the East Branch of the Colorado, and just about every other fresh water source that Dry Star State depends on. Our Texan friends will be forced to get real friendly-like with their neighbors south of the border since the only way out of Texas will be through Mexico. And maybe our gun happy Texan brethren can apply themselves to Mexico’s violence problem.

In short, Texas needs a hard lesson in just how painful it can be to try and survive on its own, and I think that it’s time for the state of my youth to head to school.

4 thoughts on “Texas Secession – An Opportunity Missed”

  1. Let’s not forget all the electoral college votes that Texas has. Guaranteed wins of the White House for decades! Democratic super-majorities would be assured in the house of Representatives too. Both Texas senators are GOPpers of the worst kind too if I’m not mistaken.

    That’s what I call a win-win situation.

  2. There is noticeably a bundle to realize about this. I suppose you made some good points in features also. Could you update me with your next post please?

  3. Texans that talk secession are plain out traitors.
    Texans haven’t decided an election in years!
    My opinion is let them traitors secede. Ban all trade with them.
    Close all borders.
    Try any texan that escapes into the USA under the sedition laws and hang them.
    No access to USA anything, airports,roads or anything.
    Maybe Mexico will incorporate their sorry asses.

  4. Hey, what if we sell Texas to Mexico? We could make a boatload of fat cash, and really who needs it more than the “Greatest, poorest nation in the world”?

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