Amen brother!

A quote I had to repost from

It seems odd the courts find that citizens cannot dance at a memorial, because the dancing distracts from the ‘solemn commemoration’ at such sites, but also find that the Westboro Baptist Church members can stage their repugnant protests at the funerals of our fallen soldiers.  Apparently, our enlightened courts do not consider the church’s protests as a distraction to the ‘solemn commemoration’ of a soldier’s funeral.  Only in America!

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  No justice.

3 thoughts on “Amen brother!”

  1. ERITAS – I find myself hoping there’s a special ring in Hell just for them. What they do in the name of religion is beyond wrong. And usually just plain stupid. I mean protesting Elizabeth Edwards funeral? What was that about, other then publicity?

  2. I was unaware anyone wanted or tried to dance at a memorial, although if the deceased was a dancer or choreographer, dancing as a tribute would make perfect sense.

    Courts are upholding First Amendment rights for the Westboro vermin. Evidently, the courts don’t consider dancing a form of expression or communication. That’s odd, given how the Supremes are so clear about corporations being persons.

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