Back to the Dark Ages?

Just when you got your entire life online.  You pay your bills there, serve content wirelessly, and Twitter like a madman.  You’re living the 24/7 virtual dream and, BAM!  Complete blackout.  Apparently it could happen.  The U.S. Government this week made an announcement in advance of North Korea’s nuclear tests that the rogue government has invented a “Super EMP” capable of taking down power grids across the United States.  It’s  my worst nightmare.  An electro-magnetic pulse has long been the weapon of choice in Hollywood, but in real life it’s proved stubbornly difficult to produce.  I practically went insane when my ISP went down for 8 days.  How is a spoiled, techno-saavy Westerner like myself supposed to survive on books alone?  It can’t be done I tell you.  Now this may be the yellow cake uranium of the North Korean conflict or it may be a clear and present danger.  The question is how can we ever know?  Anyone close enough to the test to confirm it, isn’t going to be able to send cell phone images or even e-mail.  Yikes!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Dark Ages?”

  1. From the sound of it, if that weapon can emit gamma rays that set a power station 300 km away on fire, a whole lot of people have got more to worry about than whether they’ll get to network with their buds on Twitter or check their e-mail.

    I don’t doubt the bad guys are working on the technology. Maybe they actually have it. Seems to me if they do, they should be put on notice use of it will make them subject to annihilation with good ol’ heavy-megatonnage H-bombs. One call, you’re gone, that’s all.

    All that said, I’m put off by the fact this story is a Newsmax production. In my limited experience, Newsmax is nothing but a cog in the right-wing noise machine. That makes anything it “reports” highly suspect, IMO.

  2. S.W. Anderson – Your so right. Love your traditional solution. “One call, you’re gone, that’s all.”. Keep is simple.

    Here at Ragebot we’re all about ‘fair and balanced’ reporting. I’ll take crazy news from anywhere. ~ F.

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