Why California Sucks

I have an admission, the Frogette and I took a lot of cr*p from our friends, family, and colleagues when we decided to leave California. But the plain fact is, after 14 years, we were fed up with California dysfunction, jobs in San Francisco had dried up, and remaining would have probably involved moving down the peninsula for work.

With that in mind I present to you an unrenovated, 3 bedroom sh*tbox, in a bad section of San Mateo, not near anything that matters, painted powder-blue for god sake, with a concrete front yard, and a backyard of…well…dirt. And this tired example of the American Dream goes for a modest $950K!!!

Need I say more?

4 thoughts on “Why California Sucks”

  1. It’s extraordinarily hideous. That color! And is that a window A/C unit? Except for the 2-car garage, it’s like a few steps above a double-wide.

    We have some very pricey neighborhoods here too, where you don’t get much bang for the buck, but also some very affordable areas.

  2. Spadoman! Good to hear from you.

    Believe me…if it was mine to sell, then it would be yours. You could bulldoze it like they’re doing in Cleveland–urban renewal.

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