Inflation? What inflation

Diabolically oblivious Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made news this week when in the face of all credible evidence to the contrary, he declared there is “No inflation” in America right now.  Really Ben?  Really?  Well let’s look at the facts, shall we?  The price of gas is up, the price of food is up, the price of energy is…say it with me…up.  In fact Mr. Chairman if you do the research you’ll learn that the cost of the makings of a Thanksgiving dinner are also up.  13% year over year.  That’s what I call double digit inflation.  I find it incredibly disingenous of the government to tell us that inflation is stable while not counting the most combustile priced things that we buy.  As the Frog pointed out to me gas has gone up (and then down again) at least 20% over the past year alone.  I’m guessing it’s only going to go up again.  So are food prices.  I was at a convenience store today where they were touting milk for $3.99 a gallon.  When did $3.99 milk become a bargain?  Oh yeah, right about the time they raised the cost of my parking by 20% and then another 20% a few short months later.  No inflation, just saying that doesn’t make it so.

3 thoughts on “Inflation? What inflation”

  1. Hey, I didn’t know you guys were back in business. Great to see it. I’m still plugging along, doing my best to save the world.

    I’m not making much impression. Funny thing that! I’ll put your site back on my mailing list (if it’s not still there).

    Cheers from Down Under where the Emperor of the Universe is about to visit and get a marine base underway. Aren’t we lucky!

  2. David – Thanks for stopping in and glad to hear you’re still fighting the good fight. We gave up blogging for a while because well, we needed to find day jobs. But we found that it’s just hard to keep silent when the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

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