The Stupor Committee

The bi-partisan Super Committee has admitted defeat.  Tasked with finding $1.2 trillion in spending reductions, they have proved unable to push past party politics.  Mired in political gridlock yesterday the Committee threw up its hands and told the American public that we just don’t matter.  Well it matters to the stock market.  It tanked 284 points on the news.  And it matters to seniors looking to have their Social Security cut back, their Medicare and Medicaid cut off.  It matters to the jobless.

Because this Congress can’t work together like adults, there will be no tax reform, there will be not additional revenue raised to pay down our horrifying deficit.  There will be no new jobs.  Yes, America for your money and your patience, you once again get nothing.

4 thoughts on “The Stupor Committee”

  1. I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. When I heard about the failure of the super committee my first feeling was relief. All the damage those idiots could have done averted!

  2. Matt H. – Not sure at this point if action, any action is worse than inaction. We’re like ostriches hiding our heads in the sand here.

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