Legacy Legions Battle Over Bush

I read recently that Americans United for Change are going to create a fund to ensure that George Bush is ‘deprived of his legacy’. By which they mean that they want to keep buildings, bridges, highways, memorial hedge-funds, new debt-consolidation instruments, public restrooms, etc… from being named in his honor. And you know what I say to this: What an enormous waste of $8.5M!

George W BushWho the f*ck cares if idiots want to name their public works after the worst president in history? Let ’em. It’ll be a continual reminder to America of our folly in electing such a moron, not once, but…uh…well OK…once.

I mean is it any wonder that ‘ol Ronnie Rayguns reputation is starting to tarnish? Ronnie of the monumental debt burden, of the economic policies that wrecked the middle class, of the dismantling of the social safety net? Why do you think it is that he’s coming in for so much criticism these days? I’ll tell you why, because Republicans went on a naming spree after Reagan left office. Reagan is f*cking everywhere. Here’s just a selection:

  • The USS Ronald Reagan (nuclear powered aircraft carrier)
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) (I still can’t think of it as anything but ‘Washington National’)
  • The Reagan Highway (US 14), Memorial Tollway (Interstate 88), and Freeway (CA 118)

Jeez they even want to rename the Pentagon in his honor–how appropriate is that?–and put his smiling mug on the $10 bill. Might as well just rename the country Ronnieville.

And so it could be with Bush. There’s no doubt that the 30%’ers are gonna keep pushing the tired canard of how Bush protected America, fought the t’rrorists, blah, blah, blah… So if we let them go on their own naming spree, Bush’s reputation will suffer because we’ll continually be reminded of what a monumental ass-wiping, Constitution busting, prick he was.

15 thoughts on “Legacy Legions Battle Over Bush”

  1. I say we put Shrub’s name on the CIA, all of our prisons, and that bridge that collapsed in Minnesota. That’s his legacy after all.

  2. Dubya aside, we should really have a law that says that nothing can be named for anybody still alive. It’s nothing but glorifying pork to name federal buildings, highways and so forth after currently-serving officials. And if they have to change the portrait on any bill, go for the $20 and get Andrew Jackson’s smug racist mug off of my money.

  3. They should name the capitol from Washington to Bush, I know good old George doesn’t want his good name on that place. He’ll keep the state. They could even keep the DC, just make it stand for Dick Cheney.

  4. Frogette… Those seem to be particularly fitting for the Deciderer. ;-)

    Robert… Welcome sir. Glad to have you surf one of my humble blogs.

    Spartacus… Welcome, hope you enjoy what you find here.

  5. LC… Hey thanks for popping by. You’re so right. No renaming for anybody living, and in fact I think that there should be a 100 year’s waiting period to boot. But hey… Jackson’s is one of the better portraits. Way better than Hamilton’s. Though Grant is my favorite. Very distinguished IMHO.

    They should name the capitol from Washington to Bush

    Station Agent… Awesome! Or maybe we could rename Major League Baseball…Bush League.

  6. Good to see you back frogman! And maybe we could hold off on that MLB rename until after the Cubs win the World Series.

    Geez, we’ll be out of Iraq before that.

  7. I would suggest renaming Abu Ghraib for him: The George W. Bush Rape, Torture, and Detention Centre.

  8. Paul… Welcome to Ragebot.

    I think that Fran is right…oh so many things that could be named after G.W. The “AT&T [Verizon, Sprint] Memorial Call Interception Center”?

    SBT… Glad to be back. “Cubs”? who are they? :-)

  9. Good to meet you (also here via FranIAm – I’ve learned to trust that Gal’s judgment!)

    I think GWB belongs on the $3 dollar bill (I’m sure he’d be thrilled by the sentiment.)

    And we need a top-notch artist for his “bill portrait” – that mug deserves an extraordinary rendition!

  10. Infantile bastards, as I left DC right after the coup d’etat I remember that the renamed Washington National Airport as they said it should be named after a president….christ I hate those guys
    I know when we take over next year let’s chisel saint ronnies name of everything and put JFKs name on them

  11. Ms. Runt… (Mr. Runt?)… Welcome. Glad you stopped by our new blog.

    By the time GWB gets his head on the $3, it’ll be worth about 1 Euro, 2 Loonies, or a thimble full of gasoline.

    Tom… After a president huh. Well, then I’m all for renaming Dulles after William Howard Taft…”Taft Terminal”.

  12. You know, naming a few bathroom stalls after Larry Craig might be in order. I can even see naming the urinals after Cheney since he’s always so “pissed off”, but surely we can all be in agreement that every single urinal cake and drain mat needs to be named after Dubya – and make sure we put his face on ’em, too!

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