File this one under “Duh!” is reporting that Americans are over their love affair with reality television. Yup, it seems they’ve had enough of American Idol, Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann and Wife Swap. The writer’s strike, now hitting the 3 month mark, has us all running out of content. Myself I’ve been to the movie theater, burned through everything NetFlix has on offer, and even turned to to keep me going during The Great Content Drought of 2007/2008. If this doesn’t let up soon I’m going to have to go back to reading books for crying out loud, and really, who wants that?

Jeff Zucker, President of NBC Universal and demi-god of the broadcast television networks announced in Vegas that the writer’s strike will cause their industry to reinvent itself. Um, duh Jeff. With no content you’re going to have a hard time filling those network slots and posting on (is that even online yet?). Zucker wants to eliminate pilot season, big ad conventions in Vegas, and charge you for digitized content ( and

I say do what you gotta do man. I want my Battlestar Galactica back. It’s the only really smart thing on t.v. anyway. Oh, and when you hire those writer’s back, how about you all stop insulting the intelligence of the American public with dumbass shows like According to Jim and Ghost Whisperer?

6 thoughts on “File this one under “Duh!””

  1. “I’m going to have to go back to reading books for crying out loud, and really, who wants that?”
    Okay Ms Frog, it is a delight to actually read an offering from you, but who wants to read books??? Is there anything else?
    I heard a whisper (not ghostly) that you get get electronic books now too. I just hope they don’t have voices and moving pictures.

  2. Actually Cartledge that was sarcasm. I’m an avid reader as the Frog will attest. Still, I do miss the few shows that I commit to watching during television season.

    BTW I heard an awful statistic last week that Americans read fewer than 6 books a year on average. Explains a lot.

  3. I think I average at least one every two weeks. I just ordered Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals” from our local small business owner book store. I’ve been meaning to get around to it and with her making so many recent TV appearances, it’s like she’s slamming me in the face with it. I just finished Burton Hersh’s “Bobby and J. Edgar”. It takes a little luster off the Kennedy mystique, but I was never under the impression that anyone “born to the manor” could be that perfect – besides, I already knew about Bobby’s history working with Joe McCarthy.

  4. frogette, I thought it was irony, but I recognised the tongue in cheek :) Reader stats are scary, but I doubt it has ever a lot different. When you remember how many of those six are the romance genre, and how many other peoples six books you read, and… I might go and watch a movie.

  5. Frogette, if you ask me this whole writer’s strike is very Ayn Randian. I think it’s in Atlas Shrugged where the people of “ability” simply disappear and go on strike, leaving the “consumers” to dangle in the wind. Honestly, there’s much in Ayn Rand’s “philosophy” which I can’t stand, but I can’t help but draw the comparison.

  6. Robert – I’m the same, finish a book every couple of weeks. I’m fascinated by historical fiction. I love authors who can suss out people’s motives and make history come alive.

    Cartledge – We are the country for whom People magazine articles are sometimes too long. I’m amazed we can sit through a 2 hour movie with our national ADD.

    Spartacus – Ayn Randian, love it. The writer’s have pulled back to the One and Only Palmilla resort in Mexico and started an economy based on pina coladas. Sounds about right.

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