The People’s Business?

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has asked the DoJ to investigate pitcher Roger Clemens to determine if he committed perjury during his Feb. 13th testimony regarding the use of performance enhancing steroids…

…and the question we should be asking ourselves is: Has Congress taken leave of their senses! Is this their idea of ‘conducting the people’s business’? Roger Clemens has ensured that he’ll end up as a minor-f*cking-footnote in sports history. His career is over. His reputation is shot. His awards are tainted, and his body is probably broken. So now Representative Henry Waxman wants to waste more millions of dollars on a perjury investigation? Who the F*CK cares if Clemens lied or not?!

Mr. Waxman, are you a moron?  Are you senile?  In the near future DHS plans to “harmonize” domestic and international travel rules under the ‘Secure Flight’ proposal so that, like Imperial Russia, we’ll all need permission from our lor–I mean the Feds–before we travel to Disneyworld.

In a few weeks 4000 US serviceman will have died fighting Bush’s War, not to mention the 10’s of thousands of veterans maimed by our enemies as well as by an administration that forgot about them upon their return from the battlefield.

Perhaps the honorable Mr. Waxman might want to take a look at his committee’s stationary. I appears that he has forgotten either his committee’s name, or its charter, or both.

13 thoughts on “The People’s Business?”

  1. The one investigation they follow through on, and it’s this. Not the U.S. Attorney firings, nor illegal wire tapping, torture and Rendition, etc, etc. It’s fucking Baseball.

  2. Thank God all the serious problems have been addressed, enabling them to pay attention to this. That being said, it’s going to be sweet to see Clemens further disgraced.

  3. they are pursuing clemens for political reasons. he and his trainer and sponsors and who not– all rethuglican donors in a big way. it has less to do with steroids and more to do with money. as always.

  4. Waxman really should know better. I can’t say betmo is wrong, because he’s not, but it’s not like there isn’t money tied up in all the other crap.

    If Obama gets in – and this is indicative of our stupid broken two-party jackass system and not him personally, because he’s a cog like the rest – then this’ll all go down the memory hole for “healing” purposes and become a “tragic, but isolated” episode like Watergate and Iran-Contra. And the next time will be worse.

  5. Fred… Leave it to the ‘Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’. Really got their eye on the ball.

    John… Haven’t you heard. It’s a new day in America. All the problems have been fixed.

  6. Congress are like lots of cops, they go for the easy ones and stay away from the bad parts of town.

    The guy smoking a joint in his car instead of the armed drug dealer who extorts and robs.

    The pitiful guy trying to save his reputation in a meaningless sport instead of the Liars in The White House who steal, kill, delete, conspire, protect criminals, feed corporations and on and on and on…

  7. Betmo… Wait, didn’t quite get that. You’re saying this is a GOP ‘shake-down’? Donate or we might have to get rough with youse!

    Randal… Yeah I think we’re going to need a South African style ‘Truth and Reconciliation Committee’.

  8. Here’s an idea to cut the cost of government: combine this one with Warren Rudman’s facination with the Patriot taping “scandal.” A joint investigation by DoJ of all that is wrong with America today. Appoint Alberto Gonzale or Miers as a special prosecuter, they aren’t doing much these days.

  9. The investigation of Clemens and steroids reminds me of the Bill and Monica debacle. Why waste billions of dollars investigating something so stupid? Maybe someone should investigate Mr. Waxman for wasting a sh**load of money on senseless useless investigations. I bet he has a closet full of skeletons.

  10. Dave… The idea has merit. Imagine how much money we’d have to spend–probably need to shut down Bush’s War to fund it.

    Lew… Is professional wrestling the ‘American pastime’? Who knew? I think I missed a memo.

    Staticbrain… You know, Waxman is really not such a bad guy. I just don’t know WTF he’s thinking.

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