Rage in a cage – Part 2

There was never intended to be a part two, Rage in a Cage but as a reminder part one can be found below (Feb 28).

Within a few days of the offending cages being taken away barrier tape was put around one of the pedestrian crossing ramps and the jack hammers came out. Okay, so perhaps the contractor finally agreed to fix the alignment.

No bloody way, today the first ramp is fixed and open for business, the alignment exactly the same, but audio/tactile rubber mats have been embedded in the new concrete.

This is the local requirement for any new footpath work, that these message pads should be part of the pedestrian system to aid the handicapped. I’m not complaining about aids for the handicapped, but what the hell! If that is all the drama was about surely they could have stuck surface mats down.

I am so delighted out local council has now been sacked and replaced by an administrator. I hope the next four years will give time to get some sanity back into out local government system. Jeez, if this had continued we’d be playing with rubber sidewalks like in Chicago, just so the drunks don’t hurt themselves.

3 thoughts on “Rage in a cage – Part 2”

  1. Could be worse man. In Berkeley, CA they hand you a little orange flag when you cross the street. This is to alert the drivers you are in the crosswalk so they don’t flatten you with their SUVs while talking on their cell phones. Governments are so weird!

  2. I am so delighted out local council has now been sacked and replaced by an administrator.

    How does this happen, exactly? Isn’t there a charter that specifies the form of government? Must have been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth when the council realized that they were being handed their hats.

  3. Frogette, governments can be strange, especially local government. I’m just wondering if I can sell rubber pavement here… Which brings me to the frog.

    The deal is, dear froggy, in this country local government subservient to state government. So, if the local council errs badly the state government can replace them with an administrator for a period of time.
    I like the system, particularly as councils have firs bite at the planning and development corruption bucks. Mind you our state government is trying to change that, as the market is far too lucrative.
    I’m not sure democracy really enters the picture with any of this…

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