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If you played by the rules—invested like a good little drone, didn’t over-extend yourself during the real estate bubble—the kleptocrats that run our government guided by the corporatists who really call the shots, are about to f*ck you as you’ve never been f*cked before.

Did you think that the biggest wealth transfer mechanism ever conceived, the Iraq War with it’s direct and indirect payments to the defense and energy industries, was the end-game? Think again. Bu$hCo has been planning the “real end-game” for probably 2 to 3 years.

As with the Patriot Act, rushed through Congress with no review or meaningful debate, the administration is poised to slam a $700B+ bailout of those who created the current financial mess, right down the throats of the those of us who had nothing to do with it. In other words, Bu$hCo wants the ability to take your money and give it straight to ailing Wall Street firms—robbing the poor to pay the rich. And…once we’ve given our permission, it can never be revoked because that’s the way BU$HCO WROTE THE F*CKING LAW!

“Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.”

Oh…and this act is no longer just about the Treasury Department dealing with bad mortgage debt. Nope, the “Sunday surprise” expanded Bu$hCo’s demand to include any debt the government chooses to acquire.

Some things to keep in mind.

  1. Democrats won’t help us. As Glenn Greenwald put it, “When it comes to things the Bush administration wants, Congressional Democrats don’t say ‘no’ to anything. They say ‘yes’ to everything. That’s what they’re for.”
  2. The Wall Street firms that created the mess will be allowed to walk away. They will not be punished. Not one penny of their unprecedented profits will be used to ameliorate the huge burden being shifted to ordinary citizens …
  3. … Moreover, there is no reason Wall Street should not go right on concocting complex, high-risk financial schemes. They know that as soon as those schemes collapse, the US Government will step in to make them whole. You and I will be the ones left holding the bag, whether we play or not.
  4. If you’ve had any doubts that we’re living in a Corporate Kleptocracy, where the government works hand in hand with corporations to ensure that wealth is transferred to those who already have it, you need not doubt it any more.

For 8 years this crisis has brewed, and Republicans have made sure that nothing was done to stop it. For 4 years Democrats have had the power to take action on their own, and not only haven’t they done anything, they’ve rubber-stamped every initiative that Bu$hCo has handed them. Now, with the chickens coming home to roost, a plan to give the government unfettered authority to use your money to make the gamblers whole, magically appears?! How can anyone truly believe that this wasn’t the plan all along?

Sit back and enjoy the end-game. It’s entirely out of our hands now.

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15 thoughts on “Blogs Against Kleptocracy – The Crisis du Jour”

  1. “end game… as soon as those schemes collapse, the US Government will step in to make them whole.”

    This borders on economic coup de etat. The neocons are basically trying to commit the next administration(s) to following through on this unification of corporations and government, i.e. fascism. A President Obama would have restricted fiscal leeway to invest in new programs to stimulate green industries, rebuilding infrastructure, or any of the other vital needs the Resmuglicans have delayed.

    If I were Obama I’m not sure I would want the job now.

  2. If the Average Joe really understood some of the litlle details, like Lehman keeping a $2.5B bonus pool going for their execs, in spite of their insolvency, it would truly be a “pitchforks and torches” moment in America.

  3. Mr_Blog… Indeed. McCain now seems to be just the token candidate, the one who’ll pave the way to a ‘Thuglican administration in 2012 that will complete the job that Bush has started.

    Very well said, sir.

    SA… Very kind of you….but really I felt that I was just venting. No interesting perspective, just the random bleatings of a citizen who’s given up.

  4. UC… I actually believe that, even if the ‘Average Joe’ doesn’t know the details, he/she still expects exactly the kinds of shenanigans that you mentioned. Moreover, he/she also expects that Congress will role right over and f*ck us just as they’ve done so many times before. Hence the lack of pitchforks. Everyone is too used to getting bent over the table.

  5. I almost feel good that I have nothing to invest and therefore only have to worry about the rising cost of other stuff. Take that, CEOs, the little guy HAS won! Muah!

  6. Randal… We’ll all be in the same boat soon.

    UC… “months and week”? I’d say years is more likely, but your point is well taken. The desired goal was thought out long before the crisis reached a head.

    Mateo… Many thanks. I’m pondering the only form of protest left to me. More on that in a few days.

  7. As Michael Rivero points out, “The last official act of any government is to loot the nation”. If we were to take to the streets with torches and pitchforks, Bush would merely invoke martial law, suspend elections, and become the fascist dictator his grandpa always wanted to be.

  8. Mr_Blog… Actually expatriation isn’t what I had in mind (assuming you were answering me… ;-) ).

    Lew… The looting seems to be accelerating. And they say that we’re *not* a country in decline.

  9. He’s misspeaking his misstatement here:

    What’s even stranger is the start of his sentence, the video cut it off, was “the economy…”

    ‘the economy needs to stimulate growth to grow the government, I mean the economy, not grow the economy. The government’ ??? He’s either saying the economy needs to grow itself — if so why do we need a bailout — or that the government needs to provide the stimulation — which isn’t fiscally conservative. He’s spiraling down! He’s augering in! Hard landing!

  10. Mr_Blog… Gott im Himmel! He sounds like Bush!

    PT… Check out my most recent post. I’d like a lifetime ban for all director level execs of any company that accepts bailout money.

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