McCain Throws Kitchen Sink at Self

This week the media finally acknowledged that John McCain is running a horrible campaign. As if they didn’t know this all along. Even John McCain knows it. In fact, he has been trying to lose. The man might be crazy, but he ain’t dumb. $700 billion in Wall Street buyouts with much more in the pipeline is a great reason for a presidential candidate to start calling people with suntans Macaca and then posting it on the front page of his campaign’s website. McCain even went so far as to name that rube Palin his running mate, but the liberal media just played it off as some genius move and then worked it into their elaborate and concerted effort to railroad McCain into the White House.

For his part, Barack Obama has done a genius job of pretending to want the job too, figuring that McCain and the media would stay true to form. Obama fell right into McCain’s trap.

Now the media is changing it’s tune at the last minute and Obama is totally screwed. He’s actually going to have to be President. The terrible fate that John Kerry was spared in 2004, will now befall Obama in 2008. It won’t go fast either. After four long, brutal years of trying to run a somewhat responsible economy and a coherent foreign policy, Obama will stress human rights, the environment and peace and he will subsequently be Jimmy Carter-ed out of existence. The next Ronald Reagan–Jeb! Bush–will take office in 2012 and it will suddenly be morning in America again.

The fact that the conservatives are so close to accomplishing this fiendish plan just goes to show how effective a political operator John McCain really is. He’s throwing the kitchen sink at himself. Sarah Palin–genius. His campaign won’t even rule out Phil Gramm as a potential Treasury secretary. This is ruthless, in-it-to-lose-it politics.

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  1. OMG that video is hilarious! I’ve been asking myself for months now why anyone would want this job. Can’t say I would. Who ever steps in is just going to get beaten up and throw under a bus.

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