Kvatch Kvetches – The Aussies Are Coming…

Kvatch… a trio of tasty security and privacy tidbits. Surprise, surprise!

The FBI Abuses National Security Letters…
…to the tune of thousands per year. And what do they do with these things? Grab your banking records, your telephone records, credit reports, Internet traffic stats, etc…

The United States Postal Service Records To Whom You Write
…practically whenever they’re asked to (99.5%), without a warrant, and in some cases—those involving national security—illegally opens your first class mail simply because the Bush administration asserts that they can.

And the Aussies Want Access To Your Computer…
…anywhere in the world. In fact, new police powers approved by the Cabinet of New South Wales, allow warrantless access to any computer networked to a machine seized as part of an investigation. Conveniently glossed over is the fact that this is tantamount to all computers…everywhere.

11 thoughts on “Kvatch Kvetches – The Aussies Are Coming…”

  1. So the USPS can illegally open first class mail? That probably explains why every so often I get a plastic bag with a letter inside, along with a note from the USPS that they’re sorry my mail was damaged by one of their machines. The funny thing is, I don’t see the damage. Yipes!

  2. There youy go, drawing attention to my NSW government :( From Premier down to teal lady they are now ranking as one of the most incompetent organisations on earth.
    The Premier can’t dismiss himself or his government, the alternatives are too slim. He can’t sack anymore ministers because there ae no acceptable replacements and the oppositions has just become, marginally, more popular that dog shit, oooops I mean the government.
    civil servants are so busy investigating themselves, leading incidentally to strange sex goings on, I doubt they have time to boot their computers.
    I think we are safe for a while.

  3. Kathy… The first class mail thing was apparently in a signing statement attached to the USPS reform bill passed in 2006. We’re seeing the same thing here. Only our stuff gets slit totally open, right along the bottom edge. So far we’ve only seen inconsequential stuff tampered with, but the first time I see anything touched that matters, I call my attorney!

    Cartledge… :-) The poor NSW ministers! As for replacements? What about Robin? He’d probably do a damn site better than a bunch of bozos who think they can stealthily give their police the power to crack off-shore machines. There are organizations out there that don’t take kindly to having their machines probed by foreigners.

  4. Hey I received an envelope that was slit open last week. Does mean I’m on some kind of watch list or were they just trying to watch my NetFlix before delivering them?

  5. This is quite strange about the USPS.. since all the stories I’ve heard about the 9-11 hijackers concludes:

    All correspondence is electronic
    All money is cash or credit card (most likely PAID electronically from a far away location)
    cell phone bill? electronic?

    the USPS… so odd…

  6. Frogette… Watch list! For sure. Just like Kathy.

    Lew… The USPS employees at my postal station are none too bright. So I guess I’m not surprised that they’re opening the innocuous stuff.

    CrackpotPress… Hey, hey! Don’t count out the USPS. I’m just sure there are hidden message in those junk circulars that we get by the thousands.

  7. listen, it’s time Australia had access to all things American. After all, after Bush Americans have clearly shown they couldn’t run a chook raffle properly! A chook is a hen (as in chicken) for the illiterate!

    Australia may yet save America. But what thanks will we get for it? Little, I suspect!

  8. Randal… With USPS delivery being what it is in my neighborhood, anyone expecting a license (or ReadID) through the mail better get used to not driving (not flying).

    CrackpotPress… I knew it! You’re up to the Devil’s business. :-)

    DavidG… If the NSW police want to go after the NSA, I’m all over it! Please come and save us!

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