BlognonymousIn the beginning (Spring of 2005) there was Blognonymous, a blog I started to let out my frustrations with the Bush administration and the increasing complexity of a world that seemed to be spinning out of control. Guess we’ve all heard that before, huh? But like so many other bloggers, I went from parroting the news, to commenting on the news, to…well hell…I even made up the news.  And, like many bloggers, I developed a readership, dare I even say it…fans.

But two and half years is a long time and a lot of writing to do alone. I found that I just didn’t have the passion that I had in 2005; was running out of ideas; felt like I’d said it all before. So I quit and took a couple of months off.

Now, though the desire to blog is back, I find that I want to focus my energy on the mess we’ve made of our society. I want to rage, want to throw wrenches into a societal machine that crushes initiative, passion, and joy out of its members. And I’ve recruited a team of malcontents to help me do the job because, after all, you don’t ever want the Ragebot to grind to a halt.

— Kvatch

Impure thoughts for complex times.