Upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1, with a much improved administration interface.


Moved to a new server at ServerBeach.  Should be a bit more zippy than before.


Upgraded to WordPress 2.6 over the weekend. Won’t mean much to you readers, but to us writers it’s an object lesson in how changing everything around frustrates users. (Though I’m sure I’ll get used to it soon enough.)


Ragebot now has a nifty notification system that emails you when a new comment is added to a post you’re interested in. Entirely voluntary, of course—just check the box under the “Submit” button.


Added a captcha to the comment system. Please let me know if the images are too hard to read.


Changed the fonts from Tahoma to Trebuchet MS. Gives the blog a little more sophisticated feel, I think. Not to mention the fact that it renders better using Internet Exploder (pretty ironic when you think about it, since Tahoma is a Microsoft font.)

Impure thoughts for complex times.