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Rage in a cage – Part 2

There was never intended to be a part two, Rage in a Cage but as a reminder part one can be found below (Feb 28).

Within a few days of the offending cages being taken away barrier tape was put around one of the pedestrian crossing ramps and the jack hammers came out. Okay, so perhaps the contractor finally agreed to fix the alignment.

No bloody way, today the first ramp is fixed and open for business, the alignment exactly the same, but audio/tactile rubber mats have been embedded in the new concrete.

This is the local requirement for any new footpath work, that these message pads should be part of the pedestrian system to aid the handicapped. I’m not complaining about aids for the handicapped, but what the hell! If that is all the drama was about surely they could have stuck surface mats down.

I am so delighted out local council has now been sacked and replaced by an administrator. I hope the next four years will give time to get some sanity back into out local government system. Jeez, if this had continued we’d be playing with rubber sidewalks like in Chicago, just so the drunks don’t hurt themselves.

The People’s Business?

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has asked the DoJ to investigate pitcher Roger Clemens to determine if he committed perjury during his Feb. 13th testimony regarding the use of performance enhancing steroids…

…and the question we should be asking ourselves is: Has Congress taken leave of their senses! Is this their idea of ‘conducting the people’s business’? Roger Clemens has ensured that he’ll end up as a minor-f*cking-footnote in sports history. His career is over. His reputation is shot. His awards are tainted, and his body is probably broken. So now Representative Henry Waxman wants to waste more millions of dollars on a perjury investigation? Who the F*CK cares if Clemens lied or not?!

Mr. Waxman, are you a moron?  Are you senile?  In the near future DHS plans to “harmonize” domestic and international travel rules under the ‘Secure Flight’ proposal so that, like Imperial Russia, we’ll all need permission from our lor–I mean the Feds–before we travel to Disneyworld.

In a few weeks 4000 US serviceman will have died fighting Bush’s War, not to mention the 10’s of thousands of veterans maimed by our enemies as well as by an administration that forgot about them upon their return from the battlefield.

Perhaps the honorable Mr. Waxman might want to take a look at his committee’s stationary. I appears that he has forgotten either his committee’s name, or its charter, or both.