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Back to the Dark Ages?

Just when you got your entire life online.  You pay your bills there, serve content wirelessly, and Twitter like a madman.  You’re living the 24/7 virtual dream and, BAM!  Complete blackout.  Apparently it could happen.  The U.S. Government this week made an announcement in advance of North Korea’s nuclear tests that the rogue government has invented a “Super EMP” capable of taking down power grids across the United States.  It’s  my worst nightmare.  An electro-magnetic pulse has long been the weapon of choice in Hollywood, but in real life it’s proved stubbornly difficult to produce.  I practically went insane when my ISP went down for 8 days.  How is a spoiled, techno-saavy Westerner like myself supposed to survive on books alone?  It can’t be done I tell you.  Now this may be the yellow cake uranium of the North Korean conflict or it may be a clear and present danger.  The question is how can we ever know?  Anyone close enough to the test to confirm it, isn’t going to be able to send cell phone images or even e-mail.  Yikes!

Why don’t politicians know this?

There’s nothing that goes unnoticed in this age.

~ Robin Williams

When you passed the Patriot Act and opened all of our lives up to scrutiny, yours wasn’t exempt.  If you do it in the Internet Age someone is going to see and report it to everyone else.  You opened this can of worms guys, you should know better.  I’m talking to you Weiner.

Ragebit – Wanker of the Week

I was astonished this evening when the Frog pointed me toward an article in which Democratic representative Anthony Weiner (his real name), admitted to tweeting his winky.  He’s been all over the media in the past week denying that it was him and claiming his account had been ‘hacked’.  I have to say that rang hollow for me, but even I was taken aback when he also copped to sexting on Twitter and Facebook.   On a government issued Blackberry.  Doesn’t the Patriot Act cover this sort of madness?  I mean, who does that?!!!

I can just imagine the Barbara Walters interview promo, “Weiner wegrets wagging weiner at women”

Amen brother!

A quote I had to repost from

It seems odd the courts find that citizens cannot dance at a memorial, because the dancing distracts from the ‘solemn commemoration’ at such sites, but also find that the Westboro Baptist Church members can stage their repugnant protests at the funerals of our fallen soldiers.  Apparently, our enlightened courts do not consider the church’s protests as a distraction to the ‘solemn commemoration’ of a soldier’s funeral.  Only in America!

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  No justice.

End of days…again?

Do you have these whackos in your neighborhood? We sure do. Signs prophesying the “End of Days” on May 21st. Cries of, “REPENT!”.

I see them and I’m asking myself how did they pick that day?  In my lifetime I’ve survived several end of days scenarios.  The year 2000, 2001, 2010, hell I lived through Y2K.  Besides why on earth would a benevolent deity end the world on Saturday, my day off?  I mean, seriously?

Well don’t fear, because has come to the rescue with a list of 21 reasons why May 21st is not doomsday.  So don’t stop paying your bills just yet folks.