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Below the belt above the 49th

When Canada spends less on renewable energy than the State of Alaska, it means Stephen Harper isn’t just behind Barack Obama on clean energy – he’s behind Sarah Palin.

Ouch! That comment comes from a dinky die Russian count with an unpronounceable name and an eye on Canada’s Prime Ministership. Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals are lagging in the polls and desperate make up ground. Not so much about latitude as attitude.

PM Harper, like all good conservatives, has a genetically programmed blindness to the evidence of global climate change; can he help what he is? Still, suggesting he is behind Palin might be construed as a compliment; by Harper and many Canadians.

Iggy has been a far easier target for Harper, having to defend spending most of his adult, academic life in the USA and Britain; and horror of horrors, speaks French with a Parisian accent rather than good old back street Montreal patois.

Frustration is the lot of opposition parties and leaders mid-cycle, and Canada is mid-cycle, even if out of step. While other countries are moving to progressive Canada and my Aussie neighbour New Zealand are firmly conservative. I wonder if there is a lesson to be drawn from that dynamic?


wedding-fortune-cookie_300You’re the cream in my coffee,
you’re the apple of my eye.
You’re the bread to my butter,
you’re the stars up in the sky.

We’ve had 20 happy years,
together you and me.
So I ask you once more, Kvatch
will you marry me?

The junk that makes us human

According to New Scientist researchers have found Three human genes evolved from junk, bits unique to we humans. These were found in non-coding stretches of DNA targeted as genetic junk. At the time of going to press there was no real indication of what the three new genes, called CLLU1, C22orf45 and DNAH10OS actually did.

Surprising new research has turned up the clue, the raison d’etre, for these curious little bits of genetic material. The breakthrough occurred when researchers looked at the differences between humans and chimps, gorillas, gibbons and macaques, particularly behaviour.

The first clue came from a scientist waiting in the lunch line-up at his local drive through; it was sort of a bored ‘eureka’ moment. As he gazed about him he noted that while a few of the other customers were suspect none could actually be classed as a non-human primate. In fact he recognised the potential insult in comparing his company to the glorious great apes.

When he arrived back at the lab car park a fellow researcher had his head under the hood of an old Plymouth, shouting insults, including; ‘what sort of life form would tolerate junk like this in their daily existence?’ I expect that was more like a ‘bingo!’ moment. They quickly got together in the lab and matched the discovery to the strange gene forms.

The whole lab is currently in uproar following the junk theme – junk food, junk cars… “What about the junk in everyone’s attic?” was one suggestion. “that would be feeble ideas in our attics…” was the riposte. As one suggestion has it, no primate would seriously consider Sarah Palin in any leadership role.

The planet is not really in deep kakka, it just feels that way.

Ask any Australian conservative (Liberal/National Party) parliamentarian and they will tell you so. Actually John Howard’s old attack dog in the Senate, Bill Heffernan, will go further and add a hand dance to his words of rejection.

HEFFERNANIn a way, the Senate rejection of the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS for dildo’s!) was quite correctly supported by the Greens, but for totally different reasons. The ETS is an inadequate concept when dealing with climate change issues, but the bloody conservative reject any talk of climate change, period!

But these conservatives still have a bag load of other tricks. The ‘up yours’ Heffernan was also quoted this week (without the hand dance) saying ”I don’t mind gay people, I just want you to stop f—ing the kids.”

In the lower house another former Howard attack dog, former seminarian, also a Liberal leadership aspirant and currently opposition families spokesman, Tony Abbot reported during a public speech; his teenage daughter called him a ”lame, gay churchy loser”. A bundle of laughs.

Oddly enough the gay community took exception to his clear implication that gay is a pejorative. The family conscious people were a little pissed off that he should make a private family discussion a matter of public interest.

Caring sensitive new-age types, the lot of them! Quite obviously these people would not recognise deep kakka, even when it is lapping their earlobes.

Outrageous Ragebot Block

For some, thus far, inexplicable reason my Singapore government owned ISP (OPTUS) has blocked access to Ragebot. It could well be that many of their customers had a problem with the prognostications of my associates on the blog, but I expect I might have said something to upset local political sensibilities.

Certainly I was intending to post here on my favourite US baddie, the ‘black ops’ and Bush heavy Richard L. Armitage; []. but I didn’t have an opportunity. No connectivity, no post!

Well, as we Australian’s have it, “there are more pleasant ways of killing a cat than sucking its brains out its arse!” Blocking IP’s is a crude tool at best and hardly worthy of consideration as a control measure. I could have asked someone else to post, but why do that when I can use a proxy connection myself? Admittedly there are some shortcomings, but we shall overcome.

So why was I blocked? First thoughts turn to a recent post Papua Merdeka – Free West Papua. The problem there is that our Indonesian neighbours are sensitive about criticism of their heavy handed idea of territorial integrity. In fact the Aussie and other regional governments tend to share that sensitivity.

I was sort of prepared to leave that issue for now, to comment was the best I could do the help the West Papuans. More pressing, with the carnage currently occurring in Afghanistan, was a reflection on what we are really doing there.

Our PM, Kevin Rudd, reminded us the other day about the twin towers. Good one Mr Rudd, but that doesn’t explain much does it? No one has bout the scalp of Bin Laden home, no one has even spelt out a credible aim for the conflict.

Well why would they, at least publicly, when the aim is to ensure the steady supply of opium based narcotics? The American authorities have been engaged in this trade since Vietnam at least, and Afghanistan is simply the new money trail for these corrupt officials. I reflected earlier on Richard L. Armitage, and suggest a general investigation into his activities, past and present, would not be amiss.

A ‘truth commission’ now!

It only takes a flood and series of severe storms to knock out my precarious hold on an internet connection in my South Pacific paradise. Unfortunately it takes a week and a half negotiating with Punjabi call centre workers to restore the service.

Here we are back again, and I want a truth commission. Well I would, but now I’m on line I must look forward and not back. That’s what BO says about a truth commission into the Bush years. BO says he’s too busy rebuilding the economy to look and the rear view mirror.

Hang on BO! There a some 300 million people in the US of A. Are you telling us they are all busy focused on the future? Now he has dispatched Blago Patrick Fitzgerald has time on his hands, experience investigating Bush and no obvious economic role.

Sure a Fitzgerald Commission would present a public distraction, but would that be such a bad thing? The last thing you need, BO, is the nation watching over your shoulder constantly. Distract, entertain and punish I say!

It’s all white, its Australia Day

Australia Day Jan 26; also the end of our long summer holiday, but the actual choice of date is under severe strain. I’ve just been prowling the local beaches enhancing my skin colour the past few days, oblivious to the growing furore.

First claims
First claims

“Until we settle on an alternative date for Australia Day, Aboriginal people will always feel excluded … January 26 was invasion day, the beginning of the philosophy of terra nullius – an unoccupied Australia.” Bev Manton, chairwoman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council

There are two sides to this sort of issue:
1) The vast majority of Aboriginals are mixed blood now, not their fault or mine, but when they point the finger it must include their own forebears.

2) It does seem a big stretch to maintain the date of European settlement as an inclusive national day of celebration.

Some of us are not inclined to invest dates with any great significance, and I suspect this one is more convenience than emotional. To most Aussies it’s just another long weekend.

Most days have issues for those engaged with the day thing so I can’t even imagine a solution. In the end I’m inclined to think there are more pressing issues.

Papua Merdeka – Free West Papua

Free West Papua
Free West Papua
The jailing five Australians “for illegally entering Indonesia’s Papua province” shines an unwanted spotlight on this forgotten corner of the world. SMH

Indonesia would rather West Papua remained invisible, that the ongoing atrocities against the Melanesian population remain ignored.

Indonesians live in fear of West Papua freedom building the same sort of Australian and international support as their former colony of Timor Leste (East Timor). It seems the Australia government share that concern.

It should and you should know about this amazing region which boasts some of the greatest diversity on Earth, including flora and fauna, but extending to an incredible range of linguistic groups.

You can find out for yourself with search terms: New Guinea – Papua – West Papua – Irian Jaya…

Indonesia, it seems, will not allow basic freedoms for this subjugated population without world pressure to do so. Papua Merdeka – Free Papua more…

George W just keeps devaluing the currency

This time the currency is honour – Former prime minister Howard, Britain’s Blair and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe are to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom next Tuesday.

Time to go...
Time to go...
I can’t really understand how a loser can continue on his corrupt path, now giving away important US symbols to a bunch of other discredited losers. Must make the average American feel like woofing up their Maccas.

The devaluation hurts doubly for me, given my old drinking mate Nancy (the White Mouse) Wake was a post war recipient of the medal. Murdoch’s papers here, still unrelenting Howard apologists, reported on “The Australian born Nancy Wake…” who was in fact New Zealand born.

Australia is one of the few WWII allied countries who refused to recognise Nancy for her incredibly brave undercover work in occupied France. John Howard certainly didn’t want to know about the aging heroine. In the end she left Port Macquarie and went to England where she is still admired at the highest levels. Prince Charles is among those making sure she lives her days out comfortably.

This latest Bush crap is about as meaningful as receiving a good citizenship award from Richard Nixon. Fortunately worthwhile recipients don’t need medals to celebrate great deeds. Little people like Bush and Howard depend on outward show and false credibility. The sooner they are really gone the better!